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April 9, 2013
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{Perfect Two}

“Ow..”, you mumbled as yet another student bumped into you ‘on accident’. Your grip on your stack of textbooks loosened as you were shoved into the metal lockers on the right. Yells and hollers ricocheted across the hall, and whispers traveled around everyone’s ears. Sighing quietly as you dropped your book on hockey, you bent down to pick it up, avoiding the shoes stepping everywhere. Snatching it up, you tucked it into your bag as you headed towards your first period, Math.

Your lips twisted into a forced smile as you saw someone you had never seen before standing in the front of the class. You wrinkled your nose as you passed him and sat down quietly in your seat. Once in your seat, you were able to get a better look at the new student. Shoulder length blonde hair pulled up into an extremely messy ponytail, and dark black shades resting on top of his head, with an odd curl protruding from his hair. Something about that curl made you want to smooth it down. Ignoring your thoughts, your eyes met tired purple ones accompanied with dark grey bags under them, and a mouth twisted into a grimace.

“This is our new student, class. Please be kind to him. Would you like to introduce yourself to the class, perhaps?”

The man shrugged as crossed his arms and flickered his gaze over the rest of his class, studying them with his piercing purple eyes.

“I’ll pass.”

You snickered to yourself as the expression on your teacher’s face changed into one of complete shock, and he gaped at the new student. Sighing and rolling his eyes, he said in a bored tone,

“Matt. Just call me Matt.”

Your teacher cleared his throat as he scrambled to adjust his tie, and he said,

“Um, well, alright. Mr. Williams, you may sit over there, next to [Name]. [Name], please raise your hand so Mr. Williams knows where to sit.”

You reluctantly raised an arm into the air as you smiled half-heartedly towards the new student. His bored expression didn’t change as he nodded and made his way towards you. It seemed like an eternity passed as he slowly stepped closer and closer, his heavy boots thudding on the tile floor, until he finally took his seat next to you.

Glancing at him for one moment, you quickly diverted your attention back to the front of the class once your teacher had started the lesson.


The bell rang as the last class finished, and everyone, including you, raced to stuff their notebooks in their backpacks. You scrambled out of your seat and sprinted towards the door. You were determined not to get pushed around after school this time. It was Friday, after all. Time for your scheduled beating from the school bullies.

Lost in your thoughts, you failed to notice the aforementioned school bullies gather behind you, until one of them sneered,

“Where do you think you’re going?”

...Crap. This is not going to end well. Dear Odin, please strike me dead where I stand-


Suddenly, your shoulder was digging against the metal handle on one of the lockers, and the pain was excruciating. Especially since last week’s bruises hadn’t disappeared yet, and they still looked pretty nasty. You winced as you slid down the lockers on your equally bruised back. [E/C] eyes opened just a sliver, and you saw the fist fly towards your face. You shut your eyes at the last moment, feeling cowardly, as you waited for the blow that was sure to come.

This is so cliche..., you thought. Sure enough, you didn’t feel anything after a few moments, and you opened your eyes to see Matt. He was crushing the poor lad’s fist in his own hand, and the other boy was whimpering as the joints and knuckles in his hand started to crack. He grinned, which quickly turned into a snarl as he leaned over and whispered into the boy’s ear. Whatever he said, it must’ve been extremely intimidating, because the boy whimpered again and took off at top speed, running.

On the floor, you pursed your lips. Of course, you were grateful for the help, but you had a bad feeling. Taking the gloved hand that was offered to you, you stood up and looked into his beautiful purple eyes. Wait, when did you start thinking his eyes were beautiful? You shook your head and opened your mouth to thank him, when you suddenly fell over.

Oh yeah, I forgot. There’s more than one...

You were punched in the back of the head by one of the other bullies, but they ran away before Matt could teach them a lesson. He gritted his teeth and growled, but turned his attention back to you as he scooped you up in hi strong arms. He lowered his shades onto his nose and walked outside with you in his arms.


Soon arriving at his house, he casually kicked down the door and walked inside, placing you on his bed. Good thing you weren’t awake, because the more he looked at you, the larger his blush became. This was just the beginning, he was sure of it. He sighed and rubbed his nose, placing his shades on the dresser and stretching out over the couch. Just before he fell asleep, he smiled slightly, knowing that the bullies would never mess around with you again. Not after what he told them.


“NAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, BAZZYYYNNNAAAAAAAA, GET YOUR ASS UP FOR SCHOOL!!”, you sang in an extremely loud and annoying voice as you jumped on Matt’s bed.

“Wake up, Matt! It’s the day before graduation!”

Matt literally screeched at your loud singing voice as he fell out of the bed, facedown. He groaned and slowly raised one hand up, flipping you the bird.

“It’s too early for singing.”

“It’s never too early to sing! One day more~ Another day another destiny-”

Your singing was cut short as you were pulled down next to Matt. You squeaked as he frowned at you, but immediately blushed as red as an apple when he brought his lips to your own.

“Uh...Ehe..I’m just gonna go..make breakfast now...”


“Ehehe, yeah, sure. Why not?”

Matt smirked to himself as you made your way out of the room, blushing. He flopped back onto his bed and promptly fell asleep again. That trick always worked-


“Damn it, [Name]!”

He knew he should’ve never let you have that Lion King marathon last night.

{Perfect Two} (2p!CanadaxBullied!Reader REQUEST)by The-Tomato-King

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2013-2014 The-Tomato-King
This is a request for :iconanjyillee:

I hope you like it! >w<

Please comment, fave, and watch! Hetalia doesn't belong to me,

And you belong to Matt!
/Who belongs to Lion King idefk/

..../shot so many times
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